Hair Extensions Care Tips

Hair extensions can help you transform your look and give you the hair that you’ve always wanted. However, their beauty will be short-lived if you don’t take care of them. Taking care of hair extensions is easy, but you need to follow a few simple tips to make sure your extensions live up to their full potential.

  • Do not allow hair extension bonds to come into contact with curling or flat irons. Avoid using any hot rollers because the hotness tends to touch the bonds, which can cause problems.
  • Do not allow hair color or bleach to touch the extension bonds.
  • Each day, remember to run your fingers over every single bond from the scalp to the end. Make sure that your hair is not dreading between the scalp and the bond at this time. If your hair is getting tangled, pull it apart in a gentle manner and use a comb to untangle it. This is referred to as “lifting and separating.”
  • If you swim, make sure you shampoo and dry your hair immediately after you get out of the water. Do not swim in salt water! Make sure that the extension bonds do not remain wet for extensive time periods.
  • When you are shampooing or drying your hair, make sure you stroke it gently. Using a scrubbing motion is damaging. Also, after you are done, make sure that your hair has been completely dried out. Using extremely hot water is also inadvisable, and make sure that your hair dryer does not exceed the “warm” setting. Over the passage of time, the bonds might get soft if exposed to heat, which shortens their life.
  • Products that contain sulfur should not be used on your hair. An example is dandruff shampoos.
  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo, which is the least damaging to your hair. Sulfates can strip your hair of moisture and can damage the hair extensions. Make sure that there are no derivatives of the chemicals dimethicone and silicon in the sulfate-free shampoo that you choose. Ask me for a sulfate-free shampoo (and conditioner) recommendation.
  • Another way you can damage your extensions is to use oil- or silicone-based products.  Avoid these products!   They can damage your hair and weaken the bonds. Read all labels on the shampoos and conditioners that you have to ensure they are free of silicone, dimethicone or any derivatives.  Do not hesitate to call me if you need help deciphering an ingredient. All oils such as avocado, sunflower seed, etc. can cause damages to the extensions, so avoid those as well.
  • When you brush your hair, make sure you only use soft boar bristles brushes. You can pick up a brush like this at Sally’s Beauty Supply.  Gently stroke your hair to avoid damage, and never pull on the bonds. If you are untangling your hair, always start at the bottom and work towards the top.
  • If you can, purchase a silk or satin pillowcase.  Your hair glides up against the pillowcase, preventing tangling and frictional contact.
  • Before you go to bed, tie your hair in a loose ponytail, or braid it and use a soft hair tie.  This will prevent your hair from tangling.
  • For several days after your extensions are applied, avoid shampooing or conditioning your hair.  If possible, only shampoo every two or three days.  You can use a dry shampoo in between regular shampooing.

If you have any questions about taking care of your extensions after installation, please call me at (614) 622-2490!